Taiwan-based diabetes management app Health2Sync has launched the latest version of its mobile app for about 200,000 users in Japan that now integrates continuous glucose monitoring data from the Abbott FreeStyle LibreLink mobile app.


This data integration, said Health2Sync in a statement, will enable comprehensive health management for people with diabetes. It will allow them to view data on their diet, weight, and blood pressure, along with CGM data on their Health2Sync app. The app also displays exercise data captured from Fitbit

This in turn will help them understand how to make timely adjustments to their nutrition and lifestyle choices to enhance blood glucose control, as well as help them change their behaviour toward treatment.

The latest app version is currently available in Japan with a plan to expand it to other locations across Asia in the future. 


Health2Sync’s partner Abbott has launched in Japan early this year a mobile app that enables discrete management with smartphone scanning. The Freestyle LibreLink app is available for reimbursement for Japanese patients currently on intensive insulin therapy (IIT) or those who use premixed insulin products more than twice a day after the IIT. 

Meanwhile last year in November, Health2Sync teamed up with Daikyo Astage, a Japanese apartment management firm, to deliver chronic disease management services to residents of the latter’s managed apartments. 


“Our mission is to simplify the staggering amount of information and in return, deliver useful insights to patients; with this integration, we are responding to users’ need of having diet, exercise and glucose captured together for better self-management and positive behaviour change,” said Health2Sync co-founder and CEO Ed Deng. 

“Especially in the current environment where people living with diabetes may not be able to see their healthcare professionals and caregivers easily, personalised self-management solutions enabled by this collaboration are even more important,” Caroline Johnson, general manager for diabetes care at Abbott, also commented.

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